Gender Counselor - Specializing Gender related issues - Online Gender Therapy

Erith DA8 2AG

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This online gender service has for the past 18 years provided counselling as a means to assist people who suffer gender related issues, through the use of written communication (chat). As a vehicle to bring about not only change, but to provide an understanding of why that individual has had feelings of Gender Dysphoria and difference from an early age. It then looks at the direction they would like to take after gaining knowledge and a thorough understanding of their gender dysphoria... Whether written or spoken, online therapy is a valuable core component of communication. Whilst some may think that communication is best achieved through face to face interaction and verbal exchanges, there is in fact little evidence, if any, to back this; in fact, the anonymity and lack of inbred subjectivity that is identifiably apparent through online therapy, at most times assists the individual to open up more easily and feel more free to express themselves. More than they may normally do so in a conventional face to face situation. Thus, in terms of gender counselling and assessment this has had positive results in enabling the client to let go of that 'secret' then embracing it and coming to terms with what is inside. A major and tormented part of themselves, which many have held back and repressed over the years. 


AIU University


AIU UNiversity


Open University - social sciences - from 1974 -78

Kingston University from 1981 - 1983 Certificate of qualification in Social work and Diploma

in Social work.

Certificate in management - Bromley College 1984.


Kingston University - Certificate in Social work and Diploma in Social work from January

1982 - December 1983.

From 2001- 2006 Master in Human development followed by a Ph.D - Human

development/ Transsexuality.