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Treatments available
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Counselling / Psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychosexual & Relationship Counselling
  • Shock & Trauma Therapy
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Control
  • Anger Management
  • Assertiveness Training

What can Workplace Counselling do?

Reduce sickness levels; Stress and pressure is one of the biggest reasons for medium to long term sickness in the workplace. Employing a counsellor to help deal with stress and pressure can help to cut sickness levels in the workplace, which will in turn of course lead to higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Increase and improve job satisfaction; When people enjoy their job, they tend to perform better and more efficiently, which from a business owner point of view is highly desirable. By making sure all of your employees can deal with stress and emotional issues, you will be able to increase their job satisfaction and overall happiness, which will usually make for a much better worker.

Increased levels of commitment from staff; If staff members know that you are investing money when it comes to looking after them, the majority will reciprocate with an increased level of commitment, because generally people do reward the people who care for them.

Give employees a method of dealing with stress; Although it is vital to help employees deal with the issues that have lead them to need counselling, it is also necessary to help them deal with future pressures and stress levels and counselling can help people to learn the methods that can help them to cope in the future.

Improve mental health and stability; It is important to look after your staff, even if their issues are not caused by work factors and therefore employing the services of a counsellor can help them to increase their mental health and also their emotional stability, which can be crucial going forward in life.

If you feel that Workplace Counselling could be beneficial for your Company, then give us a call; email or contact us via this webpage.

Why Choose Counselling?

Sometimes it's difficult to say what's on your mind, talking to a counsellor can help you cope with difficulty and make a positive change... we can help with many issues including:







Low Self Esteem

Health Related Issues

We also offer Counselling for Counselling Students at Discounted Rates


<p>Graduate Diploma in Counselling</p>
<p>Certificate of Higher Education in Counselling</p>
Intermediate Course in Counselling Skills
Certificate in Counselling Concepts
Mental Health Awareness
Stress Management
Working with Self Harm
Working with Loss and Illness
Relationships and Couples Counselling
Domestic Abuse and Child Protection