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Richard runs a busy hypnotherapy practice in Leigh on Sea, near Southend in Essex, also Dartford in Kent helping clients overcome a wide range of problems. You can be rest assured that whatever you contact Richard about, your case will be dealt with in confidence and with the utmost consideration. Richard successfully treats many people with stress and anxiety-related problems, plus phobias, weight control, confidence, social anxiety, panic attacks and provides a stop smoking programme that produces excellent results. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy sessions are incredibly successful and help YOU to learn how to reduce stress and take control of YOUR eating and weight loss and using Gastric Band visualisation and suggestions to help you lose weight permanently. Pure Hypnoanalysis is a life changing therapy for the resolution of emotional and subconscious problems ranging from phobias, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, sexual problems, panic attacks, skin disorders and so much more. Changing Limiting Beliefs is a unique course of training providing you with the necessary self insight and ability to manage your thinking to overcome both minor and major limiting beliefs and problems including anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, depression, ME, CFS, PTSD, weight loss, etc. During the course you will discover how to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself and challenging situations - enabling you to live a happier, more successful and positive life. Suggestion therapy otherwise known as clinical hypnotherapy involves a single or double session therapy which is aimed at giving you a real confidence boost to overcome minor problems. So if you have a presentation, exam, driving test, competition approaching, or just need a kick start to lose some weight etc, why not give yourself the edge? Richard also offers a single or double session incorporating a Children's version of Changing Limited Beliefs and a 'Blowaway' session therapy for children for the resolution of emotional and behaviourial problems ranging from phobias, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, confidence and a lot more beside.

Qualifications & Training

Richard frequently attends training courses to ensure he stays up to date with the latest developments in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Richard gained his Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Hypnotherapy Control Board and has been a member of the IAPH since 2005. In 2011 Richard gained his advanced diploma and became an accredited member of the IAPH. Richard is fully CRB checked. Richard has attended many courses and seminars including: Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy for Relaxed Childbirth Hypnotherapy for Children - The Blow Away Technique Pain Management - The road to health Cancer Care Changing Limiting Beliefs Practitioner Advanced Changing Limited Beliefs Helping the Surviviors of Sexual Abuse Easy Smoking Cessation Pure Hypnoanalysis Hypnotherapy Masterclass How to assess engage and motivate clients Forensic Hypnosis

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