Becky Patrickson, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Energy Healer

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Do you have any idea how unbelievably beautiful, gifted and talented you are?
When you look in the mirror, do you smile at yourself lovingly or avoid eye contact?
Are you living the life of your dreams?
I am here to show you that you are beautiful beyond words. There is something about you that is completely and utterly unique; no other person on this planet, or even entity in this entire Universe, possesses your unique essence. Can you feel how much of a miracle you are?!

    Sadly, many people do not ever reach this realisation. They live a life of struggle, disappointment, self-abuse and criticism and resistance to what is. Being human, at this point in our collective evolution, essentially means being blocked from our Divinity and power. Those of us who have truly learnt to love ourselves unconditionally are few and far between.

    I am here to teach you the ways of Unconditional Love. I am here to help you shine a light on your shadow so you can lovingly embrace it as part of you. I am here to help you unblock those limitations so you can live your greatness in all its glory. I am here to provide practical tools to help you peel back the layers of illusion and belief that you are somehow not perfect, so you can shine your light so brightly that it inspires everyone you meet to do the same. I am here to help you uncover and fulfill your life purpose and dreams. And when you don't quite love yourself enough, I am here to hold you in a space of deep, infinite, Unconditional Love, the full force of which can create miracles.

    On a more earthly level (haha!) I provide face-to-face healing sessions in London and distance healing globally; check out my website for the full portfolio. I am flexible with format and you will always receive the highest and greatest healing you are able to process at the time of our sessions. I offer a series of theta brainwave entrainment guided meditation mp3s, either to use alongside the healing sessions or on their own. I also teach Reiki Attunements and run events and workshops in Central London.

    It's time for you to stop playing small. The world needs you to step into your greatness. And - don't you think you deserve to live a life of joy?!
    Becky xxx


Qualifications & Training

Reiki Master in both Usui Reiki and Reiki Tummo.
Psychic Development Course Levels I and II.

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Neal's Yard Covent Garden Therapy Rooms
2 Neal's Yard

Available treatments

Aura Healing, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Therapy, Guided Imagery, Healing, Life Coaching, Meditation, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Spiritual / Energy Healing