What do UV rays do to your hair?

Published on April 02, 2016

Is your hair 'paying the price' for your holiday? These days, most people are aware of the effects of too much sunbathing and the negative effects of UV rays on their skin, but not so many consider the implications for their hair !   A small amount of Solar exposure does not usually have a big effect on healthy hair, especially on dark hair, but ageing hair or hair which has already been damaged by other factors such as styling, colouring, peroxide or permanent treatments, is much more susceptible to further damage. When we spend a much longer time exposed to UV rays as when we are Sunbathing, hair can become discoloured, dry, fragile and brittle. In fact, hair damage caused by UV rays is irreversible.   Every time we sunbathe and allow the Solar Rays to have free reign over our hair, the destructive UV rays tear some of the protein bonds, and destroy essential amino acids. The result is not only loss of moisture and dehydration of the hair, but weakening of the entire hair structure. Add to this, the chlorinated pool water and seasalt, and hair can quickly feel like straw.   Use hair products which contain proteins, protective oils and sun blockers. And cover your head to protect your skin and the hair follicle itself. For a Natural Alternative try using a few spoons of SESAME OIL, this oil contains a natural SPF. For additional protection you can mix Sesame Oil with 10 drops of Carrot Seeds Oil, which is very rich in antioxidants, so it helps to nourish your hair and thereby reduce the damage caused by the sun.   Hair Tips: As a HAIR TONIC, try coating your hair with OLIVE OIL or COCONUT OIL, massage this in well, and leave it for at least and hour, preferably longer, then use a mild shampoo, put this on and lather well before rinsing with water.