April 02, 2016

Lower Your Blood Pressure By Eating Grapes

A recent study shows that grapes are not only refreshing and an excellent source of antioxidants, they actually work to promote increases in glutathione levels within the heart, this is an antioxidant that fights against heart disease that is specifically linked to high blood pressure.

Scientists from the University of Michigan undertook a study whereby they fed Rats who were on a dangerously high-fat diet, a large supplement of grape powder. The results were outstanding. The grape powder actually prevented the hearts of the rats from becoming enlarged and the arteries from hardening, which is a common side effect of high blood pressure.

Due to these findings, researchers can now say with some confidence that grapes do not only lower blood pressure, but also contribute to the prevention of heart failure.

In a second study, they fed the grape-rich diet to rats suffering from hypertension. This new diet lasted for 18 weeks and now the results were even more significant than before with the effect of the grapes helping to alter the very genes of the animal.

In short, by altering the genes, the antioxidant abilities of the cells in the heart were boosted, thus preventing it from stiffening and suffering under the ravages of high blood pressure.

By Zoe Vanderbilt  B.Sc


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