April 02, 2016

How to interpret your dreams

While we often forget our dreams almost completely, some dreams stay with us long after we've woken up. If you often remember your dreams, keep a "dream diary" and you may see a pattern or frequency of a certain dream theme. What we dream at night can often give us clues about what is important to us in our waking life. Dreams help us to process our conscious thoughts and can give us new and important insights into the problems and challenges we face in the world.   Although we may have some strange and unusual dreams, there are a number of common dreams that many of us experience over and over again. Here is an insight into how you can interpret some of the most commonly reported ones.  

1. Faulty or lost items: your phone won't work, your car breaks down, or you can't find your husband or wife etc.

This dream is alerting you to areas of your life that need to repair or take extra care with right now. You may want to slow down and pay more attention to the realm of life indicated. For example, if you dream of your phone not working, notice how you are communicating to others now. Do you manage to get your message across in a clear and positive way? If not, you may want to tune up this area of your life.  

2. Money: you received a windfall, or you lost your savings in the stock market.

Money in dreams symbolises what you value or find important in life. If you dream of suddenly receiving a sum of money, this indicates that you are at a time in your life when your values are becoming very clear to you. If you have dreams of losing money, you may be experiencing a time when you are feeling separated from your sense of meaning in life. Try to explore what has been important to you in the past to see if your values have changed or altered over time, you may see areas you can improve upon.  

3. You find yourself back in the classroom, or you've failed a test.

This dream indicates that there is a challenge in your life and you fear failing. It also can mean that you may feel that you have regressed in some way and are not up to the task currently at hand. You may also feel judged or tested by an authority figure or someone who is in charge of you in some way.  

4. You or a loved one is ill or dying.

You may be approaching a time of great change when some parts of your life are falling away and disappearing. This dream is helping you to practise the feelings of loss that you may be having as the elements of your life or your relationships with others change and evolve. It is rare that this dream forecasts an actual death or illness, but it still might be a good idea to get a checkup or pay a little extra attention to your health now.  

5. Being chased.

Being chased in a dream indicates that you may be feeling you have a lot of responsibilities that you may be having a hard time keeping up with. This dream is often known as a "stress dream," indicating that its presence is a sign that you should try to relax and slow down. Start building something into every day that you enjoy doing.  

6. Teeth: You are smiling with nice, clean teeth, or your teeth are breaking off or forming cavities.

Teeth represent time, stability, and maturity. These are important life themes, the state of the teeth in your dream will give important clues as to the state of your feelings and personal relationships.  

7. Nudity.

Dreams where you or someone else appears nude relate to feelings of being exposed or vulnerable in waking life. You may currently be having an experience where everyone else seems to know about your problems and issues, and you are having a hard time processing your situation privately.  

8. Falling, flying, or sinking.

Changing direction, either going up or down in a dream, indicates where your awareness is in waking life. Dreams of falling or sinking symbolise a time of being more aware of your unconscious mind and deepest innermost thoughts, feelings, and memories. Dreams of flying indicate that you are exploring your conscious mind at this time or connecting to the realm of spirits, angels, and other energetic beings.  

9. Water.

Water in dreams is a sign that a certain emotional situation or experience is of importance in your life. Now is a good time to pay particular attention to your feelings and the realm of the imagination, dreams, and fantasies. The condition or state of the water will give clues as to the exact nature of your experience. Hurricanes and storms can indicate more challenging emotional situations, and on the opposite side, gentle streams and lakes indicate a more calm and peaceful emotional state or even a love or romantic connection.  

10. Missing a boat, plane or bus, etc.

Transportation vehicles in dreams symbolise our ability to move and act in the world. They represent our will, desire, and skill at accomplishing and manifesting our dreams and goals. When one of these vehicles is missing, it can mean that we are having a hard time finding the motivation to act and move in the world. We may need to reconnect with what drives or propels us into creatively manifesting our dreams.   Developing the skill to interpret and make the most of your dream messages is an easy and enjoyable process that can be done by just about anyone.   Here are some quick tips to help you to interpret and benefit from your dreams: 1. Keep a dream journal near your bed to record your dreams, sit up as soon as you wake and write them down. 2. Read through your journal once a week and underline repeating dream symbols, terms, people, and themes that arise. 3. Use the guide above to track your current emotional state and life issues, and notice the patterns and timing of their evolution. 4. Try to identify any dream symbols such as cars, teeth or water that appear in your waking life, noticing those which appear with greatest frequency and the nature of your interaction with these symbols. Do this regularly and you should see if there is any overlap between your waking and dreaming life?