Gaining Weight? Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Published on April 02, 2016

Have you put on a few extra pound lately? Are you getting enough sleep? If you are trying to shift those extra pounds, this probably would not spring to mind before considering diet and exercise plans. However, recent studies have revealed a very easy method that can effortlessly (and I mean no effort) help you shed off several pounds in only a few weeks.

What’s more, it costs nothing!

You see, the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation on your body run the gamut from increased migraine activity to dangerously high blood pressure. It is even known to be a cause of heart failure if left unattended.

It is well known that sleep deprivation interferes with healthy metabolic activity and can lead directly to increased hunger and overeating. The body tries to overcome the stress that is created by sleep deprivation by insulating itself with calories, this gives a whole new meaning to comfort food.


Hunger hormones are a naturally occurring chemical in the body. However, for many people they are churned out factory-style and scientists have been looking for the ‘secret’ to turning them off.


Now emerging science has shown that the kind of stress that the body is exposed to in chronic sleep deprivation is the very thing that kicks these hunger hormones into high gear.

The theory, therefore, is to switch the stress button to ‘off’ mode by getting the proper, healthy amount of sleep, which is generally around 7 or 8 hours (continuous sleep).

Once the body stabilises itself and is free from the stress of insomnia. The hormones shut themselves off for a while, which helps to eliminate the risk of overeating.